“Truly Texas Mexican” Official Trailer

“Truly Texas Mexican” Official Trailer

Today we are so excited to share with you the “Truly Texas Mexican” official trailer and to invite your comments and reactions.  The movie premieres on March 1st on Amazon, Google TV and Apple TV.

And..on local PBS stations, so call your local PBS station and ask them when they plan to broadcast the movie.

Truly Texas Mexican Official Trailer from Adan Medrano on Vimeo.

Look for updates, as we approach the premiere, on the website, “Truly Texas Mexican”- The Movie

Over time and during conquest, Texas Mexican food sustained Native American memory and identity. Cooking foods like nopalitos, deer, and tortillas, indigenous women led the cultural resistance against colonization.

It’s the “comida casera,” (home cooking) of contemporary Texas Mexican American families. Comida casera was made famous in the late 1800s by indigenous businesswomen, chefs, who operated outdoor diners in downtown San Antonio. Later dubbed “Chili Queens,” the chefs were harassed and forced out of business, victims of racism.

But other women followed in their footsteps and now tell their story. The road movie weaves through Texas cities, naming the racism that erased Native American history and celebrating the food that kept alive the community’s living memory and heritage. Chefs, artists and community leaders open up about intimate food experiences that shape who they are today.

Food narrates who we are and constructs new ways of understanding what it means to be “American.” Texas Mexican food offers a new type of cultural encounter. One of understanding, building a table where ALL ARE WELCOME.

Running time: 90 Minutes
Presented by The Texas Indigenous Food Project
A Production of: JM Media, LLC

Funding Provided by Major Donors:

  • Christine Ortega
  • Dr. Richard Jiménez
  • David Laughlin and Virginia Diaz-Laughlin

And by:
The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC), the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Surdna Foundation through a grant from the NALAC Fund for the Arts Grant Program

The Idea Fund, Houston, a re-granting program administered by DiverseWorks, Aurora Picture Show, and Project Row Houses and funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

La Película, "Truly Texas Mexican"
La Película, “Truly Texas Mexican”


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4 thoughts on ““Truly Texas Mexican” Official Trailer”

  • Good Evening Mr. Medrano,

    My sister and I heard you recently on the Ernie Manouse “Town Square” radio program. We enjoyed listening to you SO MUCH we remained in our car listening to the entire program!

    Your knowledge of the subject of -all Comidas- was wonderful to hear about and equally exciting was what we were learning !

    We will be glued to our TV Monday night to watch your movie.

    Thank you for your very interesting presentation during the radio program,,,,,,,,

  • Hi, José, thanks for contacting me and letting me know your positive experience of our film. That’s very nice to hear. Yes, let’s stay in touch. I was scheduled to do a book signing and cooking demo at the CIA in Napa Valley, but Covid put a stop to that. we will take it up again. When the Sonoma International Film Festival screens our film on March 24th, they will precede the film with a cooking demo, I will demo how to cook the meatballs that are in the opening kitchen scene.

  • Adan,

    I am so happy to have found out about you via SA Currrent magazine. I was born Harlingen and raised in San Benito. I currently live and work in San Francisco. Saw the doc last night and it made me so happy that the work you are doing is helping make us more visible as a distinct and important part of this nation’s history. I too am an avid cook and frequently use the skills taught to me by late mother and grandmother. Just ordered your book. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Would love to keep in touch– esp if you happen to come my way on book tour.


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