Texas Mexican Breakfast: Migas con Chile

Texas Mexican Breakfast:  Migas con Chile

Migas is a traditional Texas Mexican breakfast.  I’d like to see more kitchens preparing it because it’s

1.  zesty and delicious,
2.  high in easily digestible protein1,
3. low-fat, and
4. rich in vitamins and minerals.

The word means crumbs and it refers to the pieces of corn tortillas that are used to make the dish.  Many cultures have developed their own crumb dishes as, for example, the Spanish with their version of migas and Italians with panzanella.  Ours is quick for breakfast and it’s nutritious.  I grew up eating migas this way. Notice there is no cheese (ugh) and there is no cilantro or oregano or cumin.  Who needs that for breakfast.

Recipe (serves 2)
(This recipe is excerpted from the book, Truly Texas Mexican: A Native Culinary Heritage In Recipes, published by Texas Tech University Press in the series: Grover E. Murray Studies In The American Southwest)

4 Eggs (You can do what I do and discard two of the yolks to reduce fat and cholesterol. )
4 corn tortillas, each cut into eighths
 1 Tbs Canola oil
Salt to taste

For the Salsa de Chile Verde:
1 Chile Serrano, sliced
3/4 cup diced tomato
1/8 tsp salt


To make the salsa
1.  place the salt and Serrano chile in a molcajete and grind to a fine paste
2.  add the diced tomato and smash to blend well.




To make the migas.
1.  Heat a comal or griddle on medium heat and toast the tortilla pieces, turning them once and cooking  just enough so that they develop flavor and become crispy.  (NOTE It’s traditional, and easier, if you  toast the whole tortilla and once it is crisp just crumble it into pieces, making “migas.”  I’m doing triangles here because they look more snazzy in the pic.)
2.  While the tortillas are toasting, heat the Canola oil in a non-stick skillet on medium heat.  When the oil is hot but not smoking, add the tortilla pieces and toss for a few seconds to coat.
3. Turn down the heat and add the eggs and scramble until all the tortilla pieces are coated with egg.  Add the salt.  Cook the eggs through without drying them.

Serve with the salsa de chile verde,  a hot cup of coffee, and then go out and make this a better world!

¡Buen Provecho!






1.  Most corn tortillas you buy are prepared in the  old traditional way, a process the indigenous people call nixtamalization.  Look for “cal” or “lime” or “calcium hydroxide” in the ingredients.  The maize or corn is soaked in “cal,” calcium hydroxide, to dissolve the hard outer indigestible shell. This process was invented by indigenous peoples thousands of years ago.  The protein in the corn is more digestible and all the levels of vitamins and minerals are heightened.

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