Original Texas Mexican Cuisine Menu

Thought I’d share the menu that I served for a catered party last week.  The conversation around the food revolved around history, our place in it and why it is that Texas Native American food is so much like Mexican food.

I’ll start uploading the recipes, one by one.  Some of them, like the gazpacho and the sangría and guacamole,  are already on here.

“Texas Mexican Cuisine” 


 Agua de Jamaica

 Gazpacho Andalúz

 Tapenade (served with cubes of French Batard)

 Guacamole con Frutas (served with tortilla chips)
Guacamole with Fruit

 Coctel de Camarón Al Estilo Veracruz
Shrimp Cocktail Veracruz Style

 Gorditas de Frijol y Queso Fresco
Corn Pockets with Sautéed Pinto Beans and Queso Fresco

 Sopes de Pato con Mole Poblano
Corn Canapés with Braised Duck and Mole Poblano

 Cazuelitas con Pollo en Salsa de Tomatillo
Corn Canapés with Chicken in a Tomatillo Poblano Sauce

 Flor de Calabaza Rellena de Frijol Pinto y Chorizo
Squash Blossoms with Sautéed Bean and Home-made Mexican sausage stuffing

Lemon-Lime Basil Cookies

As I mentioned above, I’ll upload the recipes, one by one, next week when I return from beaching in Corpus!

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