Workshop: When is Hispanic Universal?

It was energizing to be with church media leaders during the workshop, “When is Hispanic Universal.” These are resources that I mentioned:
1. Interactive CD-ROM, “Ministry in A Multicultural World: Beyond Borders”
2. “The Mediated Spirit,” a CD-ROM authored by Dr. Peter Horsfield, an in-depth, extensive research presentation about how the Christian Church, from its early days, was embedded in media.
3. Dr. Mary Hess writes about The Religious imagination and Relious Education.
4. The five assumptions about media can be found in this paper that I wrote some time ago.
5. A dvd about latinos and latinas in film, “The Bronze Screen,” can be purchased from
If any of the workshop participants need more info, write to me or comment here.
It was a good time together, with nice percussion at the end!

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