Mariana De La Noche

Last night’s episode of “Mariana De La Noche” had an incredible fire scene that looked awfully difficult too shoot. This fire scene sets up a connection between the hero, Ignacio and the evil mine-owner, Marcia. Marcia will seek to destroy the love between Ignacio and the heroine, Mariana. This telenovela pits miners against wealthy, arrogant landowners while uncovering the human connections that cross class and economic boundaries.
It airs on Univision at 7 pm, CST. Be wary, this website is horribly commercialized with all kinds of garrish and in-your-face pop-ups, dissolves….yuk.
About 3 million US Hispanic households watched Mariana De La Noche last night. That’s about 12 million people. This telenovelas continues the public discourse/reflection about economic just issues in Latin America and also in the US.

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