Resources used in MACC Seminar

Hola to the MACC mini pastoral participants with whom I shared reflections this morning about media, culture and ministry.
As promised, these are the handouts in case you want to either read them online or download them:
Mary Hess, Ph.D. writes about the religious imagination and religious education. It is an invitation to not juse “use the media” but to rethink our education project.
I refered only to his University as a link, but you may want to see this article by Fabio Pasqualetti, Ph.D. He maps out the aspects of digital culture that have implications for religious educators.
David Morgan, Ph.D. promotes the art of listening to and accompanying their congregations and parishioners. This checklist about how to listen, ethnography, relates to still images but can be modified for use with TV, movies and film.
The video, “The Child, the Slums and the Pot Lids” has a reference in an earlier log entry, June 23, 2003. Go to this link and scroll down about a page.
The meditation, “Yo Trabajo La Tierra” is available on the JM website.
It was an energizing morning to be with you. Gracias.
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