Red Jalapeño Champagne Cocktail

“The Southwest Sunrise”
 I just prepared and served this at the Buckhead Club here in Atlanta to 175 breakfast guests!  Was great fun. Thanks to the generous, hard-working kitchen and serving staff at the country club.

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia asked me to create an original cocktail that represented Georgia and the Latin American flavor.   It was unveiled at the welcome breakfast for 175 VIP guests as glasses were raised to welcome the President and executives of Southwest Airlines to their new service city.

I named the drink, “Southwest Sunrise,” and it is the red Jalapeño that opens up the flavors of peach, guava and tamarind.  The recipe includes a non-alcoholic version because it was served as a breakfast drink.

Red Jalapeño Champagne Cocktail, “Southwest Sunrise Royale”

Ingredients: (makes four drinks)

4 fl. oz. Peach nectar, chilled
4 fl. oz. Guava juice, chilled
2 fl. oz. Tamarind juice, chilled
2 tsp. Red Jalapeño jelly
4 tsp. Mexican lime juice, chilled
8 fl. oz. Champagne, chilled
Thin slices of lime peel for garnish and aroma


  1. Blend all the ingredients except the Champagne and lime peels in a blender until the Jalapeño jelly is completely blended, having no particles at all, and a froth has developed.
  2. Slowly add the Champagne and stir gently to distribute evenly.  Pour into four white wine goblets and garnish with lime peel for an aromatic finish.

Note: The non-alcoholic, “Southwest Sunrise” substitutes the 8 ounces of Champagne with 2 ounces of sparkling water and is served in a smaller martini glass. It’s a nice breakfast kick.

This is how the Latin American Chamber President, Alejandro Coss, introduced it to the guests as they raised their aromatic orange/red cocktails:

“ ‘The Southwest Sunrise’ begins with lush peach nectar to ground us in our region, the richness and beauty of Georgia.  It is blended with the juice of Guava, native to Mexico, Central America and South America.  Tamarind adds another layer of richness along with a hint of Jalapeño. ‘The Southwest Sunrise’ is then finished with Mexican lime juice and a dash of sparkling water, refreshing and effervescent as our future: one community, many histories, working together for our common good.” Then all raised their glasses!

President and CEO of Southwest Airlines, Gary Kelly, (3rd from left) with guests at the Buckhead Club

(1) All in all, a very nice event and delicious breakfast drink/cocktail.  If  you try this recipe, please let me know how it turns out for you.


(1) photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines

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