Peruvian Documentary, “Choropampa”

Ernesto Cabellos and Stepanie Boyd completed this riveting documentary, “Choropampa” about a community in the Peruvian Andes who was contaminated when a truck carrying a mercury-filled tank capsized.
Do try to see this inside view of current life outside Lima. The video has a rough edge to it and puts you in the middle of this life-and-death struggle. It has just won at Festroia in Portugal. Running time is 60 minutes. Available in both English (sub-titles) and Spanish.
The press notes say: “On June 2nd, 2000 at the Yanacocha goldmine in the Peruvian Andes, 151 kilograms of liquid mercury spilled over a 25-mile long area, contaminating three mountain villages, including Choropampa. The environmental catastrophe turned this quiet village into a hotbed of civil resistance.”
The distributor in the US is:
First Run / Icarus Films
32 Court Street, 21 Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 st
++ 718 488 8900 Phone
++ 718 488 8642 Fax
email :
Good viewing.

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