Matt Alber in “The New Twenty”

Last night I watched a DVD, “The New Twenty” , (2009) , first feature by Chris Mason Johnson. A beautiful film, straightforward and nuanced. At one point in the film, the soundtrack, an excerpt from a pop song, exploded from the scene to capture my attention. Full of pathos and lyricism, “The End of the World,” written and sung by Matt Alber is hauntingly beautiful. It melds with the visual scene, one in which the character looks silently from afar at his girlfriend and decides not to see her anymore.
The song’s plaintiff honesty is what struck me. Actually, the entire film is honest and eager. I hope you like the song. Here is the scene:

Below is the complete song in a music video format. This time the song continues towards its happy ending. According to the promo specs, Matt Alber recorded his song at a home studio and mixed it with a MAC.

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