Digital technology and Our Palate

I just had a thought::::
Thanks to digital technologies, the Texas/Mexican trend in food and drink (chiles, corn, tequila, ) is growing and has given rise to a real interest in Latin American cooking. This is so in TV cooking shows and many restaurants. The evolution of technology and online virtual experiences ends up promoting and improving a wonderfully sensational experience located in our palate.
In 1400’s the technology of ships integrated Latin American products (Squash, tomatoe, chocolate, ….) into European cuisine. This was mainly to enrich the European traditions of cooking. Thank goodness for that. However, there was little interest in knowing how the tomatoe was actually cooked in its original context, how chocolate was mixed with turkey. There was no interest in the native Latin American palate, perhaps because there was little interest in the native American embodied person.
As digital technologies now impulse this strong interest in Latin American food, through increased information and communication about cooking, they also are telling stories by local cooks and families, thanks to the Internet. This is leading to more and more non-Latin Americans eating (and preparing) things that are actually original to native Latin Americans. There’s an interst in getting closer to understanding a different palate, a different person. Hmmm, the Internet and our palate, both being embodied experiences, bring us together by sensations.

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