La Calaca

This Spanish-language Chicano poem, “Desesperaci�n” is a terribly haunting image of the dangers that we face, that are inside of us. published by Calacapress,a family-owned publishing house in San Diego that “strives to bring about change through the literary arts.” Here’s a work on “Calacas” by Christina Cardenas who adds to the skeleton the tradition of praying. And Alejandro Corpe�o Dub�n re-interprests the “Calaca” with these wonderful digital works.

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1 thought on “La Calaca”

  • I think that Mexicans have a much more civilized idea of death than we norte acnaimreos do. I am interested now, too, in the economic link which your comments explained. One of our museums will open a Frieda Kahlo exhibit this Saturday or Sunday so I’m going on the 31st to see it. I enjoyed both your photo and the commentary.

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