Gay/Lesbian Rights and Catholic views

Catholics are commenting about The US Supreme Court ruling of last Thursday that struck down Texas’s “Homosexual Conduct� law, which criminalized oral and anal sex by consenting gay couples and was used widely to justify discrimination against lesbians and gay men. Bishop Gregory of the US Catholic Bishops finds this ruling by the Supreme Courth threatening. Go figure. Same old.
How different in tone, with more insightful reasoning and pastoral care, is the story from the Catholic Brazilian news agency, ADITAL that reports Lutheran Pastor Roberto Pi�eda’s words to a gay gathering today in El Salvador, Brazil: “entiendo que mi responsabilidad como pastor es acompa�ar a los que sufren y a los que luchan. Y ustedes como Comunidad Gay sufren discriminaci�n de esta sociedad homof�bica y se encuentran luchando y eso lo respeto mucho.”
It is on the margins, among the powerless who are despised, it is there that hope lives and joy bursts forth. Caiphas is alive and well, but so is the spirit of God.

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