Cooking Delicious Mexican Food For Justice

Cooking Delicious Mexican Food For Justice

Cooking delicious Mexican food is at the heart of justice and mercy.  “El Tren de las Moscas” is a 14-minute video that truly grips. One of those gems of art that keeps hope alive that art is well and growing.  I always ask: “Can there be beauty without justice?”
It’s about rice, beans, braised vegetables and bottled water. Tied to sturdy string so that passengers on passing trains can grab the food at high speed. The indigent immigrants are from Central Amerca, on a dangerous trek to find food “up north.”

For 15 years a group of women, “Las Patronas,” in Veracruz, Mexico, have been cooking and feeding the growing number of immigrants who ride atop trains enroute to the USA. This video is an inside view and feel for their actions, their view of the world. They never meet the “moscas” (flies) hanging on the trains. They touch their lives only fleetingly to relieve their hunger for that day.

Roger Castillo
told me about this 14-minute video. Thanks.

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