WARNING: Price Gougers on Amazon for “Truly Texas Mexican”

WARNING: Price Gougers on Amazon  for “Truly Texas Mexican”

Price gougers on Amazon are sellling my book for $566 and $199!   My book price is $29.99,  do not pay more.

New York Times
Front Page of The New York Times food section– about my work & books

I think maybe it’s because the New York Times featured my work on the Front Page of the Food section, and today the food editor, Sam Sifton, recommended the “Carne Guisada” recipe in his column, recipe from my book, “Truly Texas Mexican”.  Whatever the reason, please don’t be deterred by those prices.  You can buy my book at the regular price  directly from the publisher, Texas Tech University Press and at Barnes & Noble.

My dear foodie friends, please don’t pay attention to those price gougers.


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