2013 End Of Year: Food & Film

I burn this fire on the last day of the year.
On a piece of paper, I write my ups and downs of 2013 and sign it.
I throw it into the fire.

In this last blog I’m going to simply list some favorite 2013 food and film posts.  I hope I’ve posted some things that you found interesting.  It’s been a delicious year, and I welcome all that 2014 will bring.

Chicano Films and Indigenous Texas Mexican Food

Grilled Clams in Tequila Broth ClamsElote2sml

Stereotypes In Food & Film

Chef Iliana De La Vega Admonition on how to cook good food, culturally relevant and delicious.

Chef Johnny Hernandez emphasizes the subtleties of food, and the importance of ownership.

And finally, a toast to the new year and my New Book with a Red Jalapeño Champagne Cocktail.

Truly Texas Mexican_cover










Happy 2014!

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