Yucca and Food Cost

This morning I thought about the thousands of acres of prime farmland dedicated to growing corn that will cornforethanolnot feed anyone at all!  It will go to make fuel, as in this picture of trucks emptying corn into an ethanol plant in Iowa.  Corn for cars is a concept that gives me pause because consumption by cars competes with consumption by people.  It drives up the price of corn and thus the price of our food.  In the following article, I read that in Guatemala, for example, the price of corn and eggs has doubled in just three years.  Enough of this biofuel madness.

Here’s an article from Mother Jones about cars competing with humans for access to corn.

Our ancient, always reliable food and sense of belonging, corn, is being lost to cars.  These are where my thoughts were this morning.

So, I went out and got a yucca, another of our ancient, reliable foods.  Try this delightful snack to perk you up:  Yucca Chips!

Just peel, slice thinly and roast on a griddle or frying pan, adding just a touch of oil.  Makes everything right as rain.

¡Buen Provecho!


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