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My long silence will soon break. I’ll leave for some days off travel and work and will return to internet access in 4 weeks.
Was in Melbourne for the final meeting of the International Study Commission on Media, Religion and Culture. This group of scholars and producers has transformed my life and made my work stronger. The members of the study commission will be uploading bibliographies that will include all of the work and publications done during these last nine years.
I’ve become hooked on reality series TV because I’m intrigued by the masterful editing and pacing that the producers are able to paste together from continuous footage. At some point I would love to see scripts that the staff is offering the various actors in the series to make crises happen.
Right now I’m following the Rock Star show and feeling refreshed that these people are nice to each other. In the first episodes the rock singers (all of them hightly talented and serious about their music)are very nice people and treat each other with respect and good nature. Maybe the writers are waiting ’til later episodes to take the show into the shallow villain/victim trash of reality TV. Perhaps it is the fact that all the contestants are musicians and music nurtures goodness? This didn’t happen w/idol, but maybe rock is different. We’ll see how the editors and producers finally decide to package this TV reality.

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