When Love is revealed, it is terrifying

My friend Monica sent me the following news and it is heartbreaking.
“18-year-old Sita and 20-year-old Vandana, two young women in India
who have been in a relationship together for the last 5 years, were
chased and beaten by their families this week after they had a
ceremony to formalize their union, and Monday, Sita tried to commit
suicide by consuming pesticide, and was rushed to a private nursing
It’s like a story out of the movies Fire and The Journey, but worse.
Neighbors are outraged – at the girls. Says neighbor Ram Singh, “This
is ridiculous and not acceptable. People will laugh if two women run
away and get married.”
Yes, it’s the girls getting married that “not acceptable”, not the
beatings, the chasing, and the suicide attempt.
Sita and Vandana are the latest in a growing number of lesbian
couples to publicly enter into a marriage-like arrangement in India.
And by “growing”, I mean there are three or four.”
My interpretation of these events is that Love is the gift that GLBT persons reveal. That revelation is frightening to people.

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