This quick note to say that I’m alive and well. The long silence is due to my travels and fatigue. I get to my room and am quite tired and some of the places do not have Internet access. I’ve going through Latin America and have visited two Catholic seminaries where issues of Latin American telenovelas are being discussed. Should seminarians watch telenovelas daily so as to keep up with what’s going on with ethical debates in living rooms families? One seminary, Villa Paul, just outside Bogotá, has installed a large screen, high definition projector, and surround sound in one of the large classrooms. They watch feature films and also invite the families who live around the seminary to come and watch, then they talk and talk and talk about the movies.
Another seminary, the Major Seminary in Montevideo, Uruguay, is about to install Internet access stations in several floors where seminarians live as small communities. They are proceeding by organizing a seminar for themselves, inviting experts, about open source software so that when they decide how to arrange their seminary intra net, they will be making ethical decisions about both hardware and software. I was thrilled.
Gotta go.

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