Last monday I saw “Tarnation” at the MFAH here in Houston. Jonathan Caouette, the filmmaker introduced the film and took questions following the screening. The film is a personal documentary about Jonathan’s violent and tormented life as he coped with growing up with trouble on all sides, his relationship with his abused schizophrenic mom. One of the ways he coped was by shooting video of himself and his surround. “Filmmaking for me became a means of disassociation and escape. By picking up a camera when I was a kid, I found a way to survive the life I was enduring.” He compiled the film from all the video, telephone messages and pictures that he kept since his childhood.
I loved the film. It ends with non-sacharin hope and a somewhat theological statement about the world and our place in it. The theatre was filled with mainly young people, 20’s, and they gave the film a standing ovation. Jonathan is from Houston, so he has many friends here.
Hope it comes to your city.

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