Social Media Compared to Cooking Tools

I found a post last year comparing use of social media to hot plates and cooking ranges. “Cooking Social Media with an EasyBake Oven v.s. a Viking Range.”
Since last August I’ve been cooking every Thursday and Friday at Casa Juan Diego. I prepare lunch and dinner. We have the most elemental of cooking utensils and we also have limited choices in what we cook since we depend entirely on donated food. Yet I have found that the level of cheerfulness in the dining room, that lilt in the table chatter that happens spontaneously sometimes, arises from the love that is in the food. Love is an ingredient that is as palpable to the palate as a strong Habanero.
The guests at Casa Juan Diego use mainly cell phones, and this when they can scroung enough dollars to get a phone they can use for a week or a day at a time. No computers at all. This minimal media connects them to life: job searches and family.

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