Questioning Religion

These days at the 4th Conference on Media, Religion and Culture have been full of exciting people from all over the world. Every minute of the day is full of either interesting workshops, papers and panels–or coffee/beers with friends and new acquaintances doing interesting research and making videos.
Yesterday afternoon I attended a panel on media and justice where Macky Alston screened a part of “Questioning Faith”. I’m sorry I missed it when it showed on Canadian TV or when it won the freedom of expression award at the Sundance Festival because the only way i can even dream of seeing it is to be at one of the small screenings (the next one in NYC) or buy a video for —–US$ 350!!!
What is the problem here with wonderful films that we lowly folks who do not live in big cities will never be able to see? why can’t we get them for, say, 25 bucks?
Something is very wrong here.
Also, met Jason who presented a well-reasoned and insightful paper about cyber weddings. Fun.

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