Oh, my. Rita

Can you believe it? We in Houston may have to evacuate. Dang.
All the temporary residents/evacuees of the Reliant Complex are gone. Those who were not able to be relocated to places here in our city have been bused to Fort Chafee Arkansas, this because hurricane Rita may hit Houston.
If nothing changes within the next 6 hours, I’m cancelling my trip to Washington, D.C. this Friday where I was going to accept the Gabriel Award for “Portraits of Faith,” a national TV program I produced and wrote. I was also going to join in the march in front of the White House on 9/24, protesting the Iraq invasion. I may not be able to fly out as planned given the path of the hurricane.

Oh, my, what next. The plan is to continue to help Katrina survivors find employment here (those who want to stay) and then to keep an eye on rita and what it may mean for our own homes.

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