Media Ownership

Is it finally clear to a substantial number of our citizens that that we have gone too far with deregulation? I think so, when the National Rifle Association and the National Organization for Women team up to fight the Federal Communications Commission’s rule allowing even a greater concentration of media by a few corporations.
A strong backlash is the only reason I can see for the vote yesterday to block the FCC rule that would increase corporate ownership of TV stations. Before the rule, one company could own TV stations that reach 35% of the population. The rule increased it to 45%. There were other changes.
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting provides a good, short description of the rule, and how you can take action, though it is written before yesterday’s vote.
I find it interesting and hopeful that grass-roots interests are winning out here. Also, the FCC chair is Colin Powell’s son, Michael K. Powell. Hmmmm.
It would be great if a religious institution stepped up to the plate and gave this religion-TV discourse some life.

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