Little Conversations for Big Questions

In one of her blog entries for June 8, Mary Hess poses a question asked by one of her students. I want to pass it along, as well as some of the ways that she suggests the question can be answered.
The question is:
“If you had to counter Carl Rove’s PR strategy re: gaining support for Bush’s preemptive war policy and related policies…if you were encouraged to think way out of the box…to move folks sitting in their pews across the nation to get off their ass… to undertake an in-your-face, won’t-be-denied, everybody-will-know type challenge to these domestic and other injustices in a manner that contextualizes them here and globally as well as contrasts them with God’s true intensions for our nation/world…exactly what would you do and how would you do it?”
What we do, how we talk to each other is the strongest way to change the world. For Chicanas and Chicano these conversations find a positive, strong current on the Internet, even amidst the Internet inertia of corporate commercialism. Take a look at this information-filled and provocative site that, at last, looks at places where Our Lady of Guadalupe is appearing. This is art and religion working out very important dynamics of community. Through the way that we converse about this, peace can happen. The Catholic Church’s response is important as it struggles to find a way to deal with the grassroots spirit. Peace is not the goal, it is the way.

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