Let’s Save Marriage

The insitutional Catholic church is showing its bigotry by forcefully attacking the Spanish government as Spain proceeds with strengthening the institution of marriage. I hope that Spain, along with the Netherlands, will be supported by an ever widening circle of Christians who want to promote fidelity, commitment and stability in marriage.
We in Texas are not doing so well, since the legislature this week passed a bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Warren Chisum of Pampa, intended to ban some of its citizens from getting married. The current Catholic institutional leadership would do well to heed the voices from the margins, those who suffer from injustice and know it well. It is from that position that God’s voice is revealed.
Rep. Senfronia Thompson, one of our Houston representative is 66, an African-American who grew up with segregation. She said the legislation reminded her of the time when interracial marriages were illegal.
“When people of my color used to marry someone of Mr. Chisum’s color (white), you’d often find people of my color hanging from a tree. That’s what white people back then did to protect marriage,” Thompson said.

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