Lab: Faith in Media Cultures

Heads up: A group of Latin American catechetical leaders is to announce soon the first “Laboratory: Faith in Media Cultures.” This one-week lab will take place in San Jos�, Costa Rica in March 2005. It will examine current projects in catechesis and religious education as they attempt to “shift paradigms” to face the opportunities and difficulties of the new media cultures. This project is so new, their website will be up only in mid-April. Contact person is: Irene Nesi from Caracas, Venezuela.
The lab is for 20 persons and is by invitation. There are two slots for USA participants.
A call for projects will be announced next month. Persons wishing to attend will submit their current project and the questions they wish to address during the lab. I’ll post info here later.
This laboratory is designed, in part, on a model developed by Mary Hess several years ago when she organized a similar lab at Boston College.

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