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This 24-hour silence is due to my inability to access the Internet. Am in Manila where among three warm visits, I visited Ms. Teresita Z. (Terry) Hermano, whom you may remember as WACC London staff. She is now at the Communications Foundation for Asia and she showed me this absolutely wonderful digital interactive education project. Kids who are high school dropouts and who live on and around garbage dumps (called “the mountain”) with their entire families, are going to get high school diplomas using e-learning on makeshift computer stands. and guess what software they are using to pas the tests??? Completely new digital animation, interactive modules designed by a team of Filipono educators and graphically (beautifully) designed by a team teenage digital programmers. The team of 14 is enthusiastic and so talented. Write to Terry if you’d like to see a module in beta form. Oh…the kids are all deaf. They are designing and also learning… me the revelation was to see them creating versions of the real world that emerges from their Filipino imagination.
My spirits are so uplifted.
time is running out with this connection, so I’ll post more when I land in Bangkok and can get a more reliable internet connection.

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