Institutional Religion and gay teens

This morning my thoughts are about: A time to support and celebrate Catholic, Protestant and other insitutional churces that show their love for tenn lesbians, gays. They are so desperately needed.
The reason is that during a breakfast meeting I learned that a prominent local gay/lesbian teen counseling and care program is WARY ABOUT WORKING WITH ANY RELIGOUS GROUPS. I learned that during the regular counseling and discussion session with runaway, disavowed and street gay and lesbian teens the teens tell of the violence they suffered from church groups and leaders. Deeply felt rejection, physical abuse…So the result is that these organizations who help teens risk losing the trust of the teens if they in any way work with churches….How sad. Suicide among gay and lesbian teens is 3 times greater than their peer teens.
So my feeling is to think about and support and celebrate those visionary and courageous Catholics, Protestants, Muslim and others who step forward and walk with gay and lesbian teens.

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