Fidelity, Audio Equipment and Seminarians

Serafin Ilvay, a journalist at the news agency, ALAI, the Latin American Information Agency, is also a member of WACC. He told me yesterday, “Today the only fidelity I find is in my audio system.” I laughed and laughed. Of course he was being facetious but it points out the need to link ethics and media.
Then this morning I met additional friends who lifted my life. Edison Tipanluisa, 20 year old journalist, is about to publish a magazine for his Catholic community peers. He is from the St. Anthony of Padua parish. Along with 6 other teen collaborators, he has investigated the prices for printing, he has learned how to use Adobe photoshop and software for design. In order to make his dream come true, he needs money for printing and for a digital camera. He says ¨This monthly magazine will get us to talk more about the things we think about only inside ourselves.¨ Teens and 20-somethings will work on a volunteer basis to make this happen. Oh, they also need money for a computer….but that is not stopping him.
Eduardo Guerroro is the Director of Radio Latacunga, the community radio station founded in 1981 by the Catholic diocese of Latacunga. He is installing a computer-audio production cabin in the major seminary so that the theologians can make radio programs. BUT……here´s the remarkeable thing: The seminarians are producing radio programs within a community radio station that presupposes community development, processes that lead to community cohesion, confronting social issues, praying within home settings. As Eduardo puts it, “the seminarians can learn that media are not simply the extensions (wider reach)of the pulpit.” Rather, they are interactive, relational processes that are essential to the spiritual life of a commmunity.
I´m at the airport on my way to Lima, and sad to be leaving such a wonderfully alive church. Hallelujah!

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