D�a De La Raza

Was so busy yesterday that I realized it was a holiday only after I tried to make business calls and found that offices were closed.
Columbus day throughout Latin America and Latino USA is celebrated as “D�a de La Raza.” “Raza” does not translate as race such as the Aryan race of the Nazis. The main idea is cultural, philosophical and religious regarding the indigenous cultures and peoples mixing with others. The term was used in 1918 by Mexican philosopher Antonio Caso to refer to the mestizo, the cultural/physical mix of European and Indigenous.
The day is being reinterpreted in various ways, such as in Costa Rica, as d�a de las culturas, “day of cultures.” A hopeful trend I think, to continue the move towards a humanity beyond borders and an encounter without the need for conquest. You could send a postcard with this sentiment by clicking here. It is a “D�a De La Raza” greeting card with a quote from the Dalai Lama: “Under the same sun we will be united, persons from of different languges, backgrounds and creeds. We are all the same human beings.”

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