Annenberg School delves into media and religion

Yesterday during a NARA-WACC luncheon meeting hosted by Sharon Black, Librarian of the Annenberg School for Communication, I learned that doctoral students are delving into media and religion questions that will surely pique the interest of institutional churches. One research interest is the international activities of religious broadcasters as they map with governmental national communications legislation. This has questions about religios fundamentalism and the media, structured monopolies and alliances of ideas. Another research topic revolves around open source data systems, free expression. And yet another has an interest in liberation theology and its relationship to media questions.
Policy makers in schools, congregations and national church bodies could benefit greatly by dialoging with these students and others like them. Perhaps periodic seminars (give-and-take sessions)would enable the students to get a first-hand feel about the field and the resonance of their research. Importantly, the field would begin to get a better understanding of the nuances and importance of these topics.

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