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“Hojita”  — Mezcal & Hoja Santa Cocktail

“Hojita” — Mezcal & Hoja Santa Cocktail

I muddle Hoja Santa to add flavors and aromas of licorice, anise and sassafras. Native to central and southern Mexico and all of Mesoamerica, this ancient plant is a member of the genus, “piper,” same as the Indian black pepper plant.  It’s used to flavor […]

“Hoja Santa” Salad

“Hoja Santa” Salad

Let’s start this new year with an innovative use of the wonderfully aromatic herb, Hoja Santa. It’s traditionally always served cooked, but here I make it into a salad, paired with equally aromatic fennel seeds and cold-weather greens. I think that Hoja Santa will become […]