Art Event: Texas Mexican Food-Paired-With-Film

Art Event: Texas Mexican Food-Paired-With-Film

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Texas Mexican Food-Paired-With-Film
Art Event at MECA

Culinary art and film art come together for a unique art performance featuring Houston chef and author Adán Medrano, seven MECA culinary artists and film artist Virginia Díaz. Guests seated for a seven-course meal will feast on specially curated dishes representing Texas Mexican and Central American cuisine.

The dishes will be paired with never before seen “rough edit” segments from a new food documentary feature film, “The Roots of Texas Mexican Food.” The film and food art performance takes place on March 29th, 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the MECA auditorium, 1900 Kane Street Houston, TX 77007.  Seating is limited to 70 guests. Tickets are required, but they are complimentary. Complimentary tickets will be available on a first-come-first-served basis starting March 4th at

Titled “Cena Con Cine / Food-Paired-With-Film,” the evening is the coming together of “two art forms that naturally connect to each other.  Together, they incite reflection, sharing ideas, memories, identity and community,” says Virginia Díaz, the producer of the feature film. Díaz explains, “we will screen three film segments that go to the heart of the meal that the cooks are serving.” According to Díaz, the film dramatically reveals that women are the engineers of cooking technologies and the creators of culinary traditions.

Each film segment will be followed by dishes that represent Texas Mexican cuisine but also the larger Central American flavors. The dinner features:  Ceviche, Albóndigas de Chipotle, Tamales De Elote, Pupusas en Tres Variedades, ChocoFlan and more, each dish prepared by a home cook, a culinary artist from the MECA neighborhood and community. The featured culinary artists are: Estella Díaz; Dulce Ramón; Aracely Rodríguez; Maria Anzures; Mariana Zubieta; Maria Ynglés; and Lilian Rodríguez.

The event is funded by The Idea Fund, a program of the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts.

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